Artist In Residence

Gately Williams

Gately first found his love for landscapes by exploring them on motorbike. So it’s only fitting that his work captures the beauty of his environment and its inhabitants in such rich detail.

Based in Charleston, Gately specializes in landscape, editorial, and adventure photography. His work has taken him to Iceland, Ireland, and as far away as Morocco and Australia.

As the featured artist for The Restoration’s Residency Photography Program, Gately’s work is displayed throughout both our hotels, each serving as an exhibition of its city’s culture, traditions, and stories.

Some come to Asheville only to experience its beauty on a surface level, a bohemian city bordered by rugged mountain peaks. Through a series of backroads, wrong turns, and serendipitous encounters, our Artist in Residence, Gately Williams, finds another story.

I was driving east out of Asheville, always choosing the backroads. This pretty white horse was as still as a statue, half home, half looking out. I made a u-turn, and then another, and pulled into the ditch to take this photo. As I shot, she slowly approached the fence in a gentle way. 

Years ago, I passed by this beautiful property on a motorcycle ride. I’ve always regretted not stopping to have a look around. While shooting for The Restoration I made a point to find this farm. This is Blue Ridge Daylilies farm. It can be found by heading northwest from the Arts District and turning north up Lower Flat Creek Road.

This moment will always be a beautiful mystery to me. I was riding along somewhere on a northern section of the Blue Ridge Parkway and made a series of turns, trying to go in the direction of Asheville. A truck and a tree. I pulled over and shot this. 
As part of my exploring Asheville, I walked many miles simply looking left, right, and up.
On one of my trips to Asheville, I rode 22 miles up the Blue Ridge into a late afternoon fog. I parked at the Craggy Gardens Visitors center and followed the trail into the mist. 

Our Artist in Residence Program is designed to give artists from around the world the opportunity to live and work outside their natural environment, be inspired by the communities we serve and produce groundbreaking pieces. Their work is displayed across our property, and select pieces are sold at The Mercantile Boutique and Gallery.

Photographs by Gately Williams are on display throughout the rooms, halls and meeting spaces at The Restoration Hotel.
On select occasions, limited edition prints can also be found for sale at The Mercantile.