All is Well with Asheville Wellness Tours

Asheville Wellness Tours

Meet the company leading Asheville’s Wellness Movement

For centuries, Asheville built its reputation on being a wellness destination. First for wealthy luminaries like the Vanderbilts, then for the free-thinking artists and bohemians. Today, the city’s reputation for wellness lives on in countless experiences, none more popular than the ones offered by Asheville Wellness Tours. Founded by Nicole Will in 2017, the company offers customizable wellness and yoga retreats to reignite connection with yourself, one another, and nature. We had the pleasure of speaking with Nicole about her why, her most popular tours, and what you can expect to come away with after experiencing Asheville firsthand. 

Why did you create Asheville Wellness Tours?
Our mission is to help our guests add a bit of balance and rejuvenation to their Asheville adventures. Everything we do is designed to support deeper connections—to self, each other, nature, and Asheville—in fun, lighthearted ways.

Asheville is widely known for its vibrant food and beverage scene, stunning landscapes, and larger tourist attractions like the Biltmore Estate and Blue Ridge Parkway. All of these bits are wonderful, of course, but there’s so much more to Asheville—a depth that sometimes gets lost in the noise. 

We live such fast-paced lives these days and it is incredibly important to carve out moments to slow down, enjoy being present and unplug to connect more deeply. 

Asheville Wellness Tours is meant to be a resource, a one-stop-shop if you will, for fun ways to do just that! I hope we’ll have the opportunity to be part of your time here. Cheers to well-being and joy!

Why do you think Asheville attracts such a wellness-minded crowd?
Asheville’s allure to a wellness-minded crowd is deeply rooted in the breathtaking beauty of the old, wise mountains that surround us. The landscape is stunning, of course, but feels welcoming and accessible too—there’s a gentleness in the layers of mountains that evokes a sense of peace and ease.

Beyond the obvious natural beauty, I think Asheville’s real secret is our collaborative, creative, welcoming community! People have been drawn to this area as a center for well-being for centuries, including a strong community of wellness-focused professionals ready and waiting to support your journey. Whatever “path” appeals to you as you explore what the multi-faceted concept of wellness might mean for you, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll find a resource here to help!

What is the most popular tour you offer?
Goat Yoga is a clear fan favorite. It’s a hilarious, joyful experience that consistently steals the spotlight. I mean, who can resist the combination of cute and cuddly goats with a bit of movement and self-care? The joy that comes from these sessions is infectious and it’s an activity that truly immerses you in the present moment.

Beyond the flashy vibes of goat yoga, I’d say a real hidden gem is our Forest Bathing retreat. Often, people come into the experience not quite sure what to expect, and it turns out to be the most meaningful event of their visit. Guests frequently express that the experience offered them a new lens through which to view the natural world. The serene setting and opportunity to experience an immersive connection with the forest have a profound impact, creating memories that resonate long after the retreat concludes. 

What do you hope visitors take away from their experience?
Our ultimate hope is that every guest leaves feeling balanced, rejuvenated, and more deeply connected – not only to each other but also to themselves and the beauty of nature that surrounds us. Wellness, to us, is more than just a serious endeavor; it can be light-hearted and fun. We want our guests to carry away the realization that the journey to well-being is multifaceted. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach, and there’s certainly no right or wrong way to embrace it. Whether it’s the joy of goat yoga, an introspective adventure via a tarot reading, or the serenity of a forest bathing retreat, we aim to show that well-being is a holistic experience that can be both fun and transformative.

On select dates in May and June, Asheville Wellness Tours will be hosting their seasonal Blue Ghost Firefly Tours where you’ll head into the Blue Ridge Forests and marvel at Mother Nature’s light show while you attempt to encounter the elusive Blue Ghost firefly species. To learn more about this tour or to view all of their experiences, visit

Through The Restoration’s community partnership, you can also create a custom wellness package, including a yoga hike with Asheville Wellness Tours on our Packages Page or by calling 855.568.6800.