Cultural Almanac: The Restoration X Sauna House Asheville

Sauna House Asheville

Hot and Cold with Sauna House

At first glance, Sauna House’s Nordic-style bathhouse and aspirational branding appear as an Instagrammable take on the newest cold plunge bath trend. But a closer look reveals a wellness movement founded on centuries-old practices. Sauna House’s Chief Marketing Officer, Gavin Jocius, talks with The Restoration Hotel in Asheville about the origin and benefits of contrast therapy and how Sauna House’s tech-free, communal space has the potential to combat loneliness in a post-pandemic world.

What are some common misconceptions about Contrast therapy?

One possible misconception is that contrast therapy is a recent fad fueled by podcasters and cold plunges on Instagram. Those factors have certainly helped increase its popularity in the US, but cold therapy has been around for centuries. The health advantages of cold water therapy were first recorded by Hippocrates, a pioneering physician from ancient Greece, who utilized it in medicine to alleviate swelling and pain. You’ll also see similar techniques employed by the civilizations of ancient China, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. 

Who can benefit from Sauna House Asheville?

Everyone can benefit both physically and mentally from time spent at Sauna House Asheville.
We offer something that has been practiced for centuries across multiple cultures.
Whether it’s boosting immunity, relieving inflammation, improving circulation or just  putting one into a better mental state, there are benefits for everyone.

Our bathhouse spaces are intentionally designed and operated to create a spirit of inclusivity and approachability. We want people to not only connect with themselves but with one another in the bathhouse. We are social creatures and there are not many instances in life where we are not distracted by our devices in the presence of others. It’s shocking how impactful putting your phone away for two hours really is. People want a sense of community and belonging, and the tech-free environment of the bathhouse creates that for so many people.

What inspired the sustainable, communal design of your bathhouses?

That is all the vision of our CEO and Founder, Andrew Lachlan. He is extremely committed to building thoughtfully designed bathhouses that have a distinct vibe and are built sustainably. We are renovating existing buildings, as opposed to focusing on ground-up new builds. Bathhouses do use a lot of water and electricity, so we must be mindful of ways that we can offset the environmental impact by offering no single-use plastic, installing solar panels, using composted cups, and more. Finally, we are a 1% for the Planet member, ensuring that we give back to help environmental causes.

What are tips for first-timers to your bathhouse?

Hydrate! And of course, ask our team at the bathhouse if you have any questions! They are there to help. During your first visit, our hospitality team will walk you through the space and introduce you to our Hot-Cold-Relax® circuit. We’re big about education and encouraging people to use sauna and cold therapy in a way that makes sense for them. We think it’s a beautiful thing to push your limits and see just how capable and strong you are. But we also believe in tuning into your own needs and allowing contrast therapy to meet you where you are on your own wellness journey.

How can people incorporate Hot Cold Therapy into their everyday lives?

Taking a shower is a straightforward method to start practicing cold water therapy and condition your nervous system to adjust to changes in temperature. Begin your shower with warm water, then after several minutes, slowly reduce the water temperature to a cold level that feels manageable for around 30 seconds. Cycle through this transition from warm to cold about three times. You’ll immediately feel a bit more energetic and alert, and with time, experience the long-term benefits as well.

Guests of The Restoration receive preferred booking and pricing for Sauna House when booked through our Asheville Wellness Experiences. 

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