Ode to Opera Tour

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Ode to Opera Tour

The Restoration is proud to present guests with a personalized musical experience in partnership with Holy City Arts & Lyric Opera (HALO), Charleston’s premier performing arts organization. Immerse yourself in our city’s rich history as the birthplace of opera in North America with add-on tickets to one of HALO’s live events and/or dinner at The Watch Rooftop.


The overture begins with HALO’s signature 90-minute walking tour of Downtown Charleston’s most iconic locations, including the spot where opera was first performed in America. 

Take your experience further with a hand-selected performance by HALO. From large-scale productions to intimate conversations featuring quality art and artists, prepare for an immersive theatrical experience from the city’s premier performing arts organization. 

End your tour with lunch or dinner at The Watch Rooftop, featuring breathtaking views of the city and sunset specials to recount your day over.

To book this package, call 877.221.7202.


Some hotels try to preserve tradition. The Restoration invites you to reinvent it.