High Values with High Noon Coffee Roasters

Coffee Asheville, NC Meets Machinery with Anna Beth

Before coffee, Anna Beth’s first love was machinery. 

Raised by a father who operated a sawmill six days a week and then came home to watch Westerns, she learned the value of hard work and later brought the trailblazing spirit of the silver screen’s cowboys to her coffee roasting craft.  

“The marriage of machinery and art is what drew me to coffee roasting,” explains Anna Beth as she recounts the first time she witnessed coffee roasting firsthand. Sitting in on a demo, she recognized the same mechanics of her father’s work and felt a burning desire to learn the language of all the equipment and science involved.  

“Every time I fire up the roaster I feel a sense of excitement, there are so many variables, endless goals, and a world of possibilities ahead of me. It is a craft I plan to grow old with and I want to share it.”

Armed with two art degrees, a hound dog, and a love for the mountains, Anna Beth made the move from Georgia to Asheville, permanently trading in her paint brushes for a career in coffee. With a roasting certificate and apprenticeship under her belt, High Noon Coffee Roasters was born. 

With brews available at several restaurants and shops around Asheville, High Noon’s small batch approach gives Anna Beth the creativity to tailor roast profiles to the desired notes for each of her collaborations. It’s this thoughtful process that made High Noon the perfect brand partner for The Restoration Hotel Asheville. Her single-origin brews are available in-room and made-to-order at The Rise Coffee Bar in Asheville. 

Coffee in Asheville, NC at The Restoration Hotel

“For the rooms at The Restoration, we went with a blend that can satisfy the coffee connoisseur but also the people that just need something warm and caffeinated before they head out the door,” explains Anna Beth. 

“We found a small farm to source the coffee from and adjusted the roast profile until it fits perfectly in your mug.” 

Apart from the world of possibilities coffee presents, Anna Beth keeps her personal coffee experience endearingly low-key. 

“My daily experience with coffee happens around 6 am when I wake up, stumble to my kitchen to carefully time and weigh a pour-over, and then walk away from it for about an hour. I love on my dogs and water my plants, often forgetting about my coffee until it’s cold. I like coffee that I can ignore. Coffee so sweet it tastes good an hour later. We all have a different daily experience with coffee and I will tirelessly labor to roast a coffee for each individual experience.”

You can taste High Noon Coffee Roasters’ custom blend for The Restoration at The Rise or in your room. For more information on High Noon’s single-origin offerings and small-batch approach to roasting, visit highnooncoffee.com.