Summer is all about slowing down and experiencing rejuvenating adventures. Whether you find peace in a relaxing day barbecuing, or laying out by the pool, we gathered some helpful tips for all of your self care needs this season.

Plan a vacation or staycation.

Take time to do something for yourself this summer and plan a trip! Stay at a beach bungalow, an RV park, or a luxurious home away from home like The Restoration. A new environment can work to put things in perspective, and take you out of your daily routine.

Take a break from social media.

You’ve heard of people “breaking up” with social media, and their testimonies of how it forever changed their lives for the better. We’re not asking you to give up Instagram forever, but it might be a good idea to switch it off for a few days. You’ll be surprised by how released you feel from checking likes, comments, and updates every hour!

Try out aromatherapy.

With all of your summertime activities, you may be feeling as though your energy is depleted. Aromatherapy can help relax and balance your energy so that you can continue to enjoy all of life’s little adventures. For a complete aromatherapy experience, along with deep tissue massages, organic body scrubs, and more – enjoy a day (or two!) at the Amethyst Spa. You’ll leave feeling refreshed and reset.

Spend time near water.

There’s nothing like moving water. It’s both meditative and energizing, a symbol for life and the passing of time. Just by swimming in your own pool you are connecting with an element known for its healing properties. Don’t have access to a pool? Visit our Indigo pool and enjoy a relaxing, intimate spot for you to unwind.

Self-care isn’t just an after-work or weekend activity, it’s a constant, necessary effort you must make in order to ensure you are caring for your most valuable asset – yourself.  

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