Embracing Stillness with stillspace Charleston

Meditation Studio in Charleston

Charleston’s first meditation studio emphasizes less doing and more being. 

Founded by Kelly George in 2016 as Still Soul Studio, stillspace was inspired by the deep conviction we all need more being, and less doing, in our lives.  At that time, meditation and mindfulness were just beginning to get mainstream attention, and larger cities like New York and LA were opening their first dedicated meditation studios. stillspace wanted that kind of space here in Charleston and that’s how it all began. Ahead, we discuss the importance of self-care beyond traditional exercise and stillspace’s upcoming retreat at The Restoration. 

What is different about the experience at your studio?
Our prevailing culture in the US has been about the “workout”.  Everything we do at stillspace is about the ‘work in”, the inner journey that can bring more wellness into our lives.  We believe in slowing down.  Whether it is lying on cushions with a blanket in a sound bath, meditating together in community,  or gentle movement in our yoga classes, our emphasis is on the inner work and how we can enhance our well-being from the inside out. 

Why do you think so many more people are engaging in this type of self-care?
The pandemic was incredibly challenging and truly spotlighted the need for tools and resources to support mental health. We have become even more passionate about how to help with managing the stress and anxiety we are all facing, especially during a time with so much change and uncertainty. For all of us on the stillspace team, we would not have survived the pandemic without these practices and community.

The last four years have seen unprecedented shifts in how we manage family, work, and the simple daily routines in our lives. There has been so much change, and many of us are still working through the stressors of the pandemic, along with the daily stress of life. We are trying to understand and manage a new normal all at the same time and we are seeing the effects of this on our health..

We truly believe there is no health without mental health and we want to support our community with having tools such as sound healing, meditation, mindfulness, yoga, and breathwork in their wellness toolkits.

How has your partnership with The Restoration enhanced this experience for your guests?
Part of The Restoration’s Mission is that real travel shapes you into who you are and who you were meant to be.  We couldn’t agree more!  At stillspace, we believe the “work in” also helps you to truly know yourself and your own mission in the world.  It’s all about authenticity and living the life you want, and our partnership with The Restoration is so special and meaningful because we share that mission.  

What are your plans for the future? What can people expect to see next?
We are currently expanding into the new frontier of vibroacoustic therapy as we launch Charleston’s first Sound Lounge with state-of-the-art sound beds combining sound and vibration therapy.  This Fall we’ll be hosting our first ever wellness retreat with Charleston’s Restoration Hotel for three days of incredible wellness activities, fun, food, and community during our best weather of the year here in Charleston. The activities will include: meditation, yoga, sound bath, somatic biotuning, a historic walking tour, an authentic tea ceremony, and a curated communal dining experience.

You can also experience stillspace’s restorative sessions right here at The Restoration every 2nd Thursday of the month at 6:30pm on the King Street Rooftop. stillspace’s Journey to Stillness Retreat will take place Sepetember 20th to 22nd at The Restoration. Call our Guest Curator to book today 877.221.7202, or visit our Happenings Page to see the full itinerary. Stay connected with stillspace on their website www.stillspacecharleston.com, Instagram (@stillspacecharleston), and Facebook (stillspace Charleston), or drop by their studio at 140 East Bay Street in Charleston’s historic French Quarter.