The Meaning of Restoration

We’ve all heard that the journey is the destination. But when it comes to travel, the real journey is the one that happens within ourselves. This is the ethos of The Restoration—to embrace the adventure of the unknown, define our own stories, and boldly be exactly who we are.

From Charleston to Asheville and beyond, we invite you to venture beyond our hotel walls to discover the true meaning of Restoration that brings us closer to finding ourselves.                                                                                    

Why do we travel?

To learn something new

The desire to expand our knowledge is innately designed within our psyche. Travel allows us to dive into a first-hand crash course in history, sociology, and geography.

Charleston, South Carolina

The Holy City’s Historic Culture

The South is chock full of our country’s rich history. As you explore Charleston, be sure to take a tour of a preserved plantation such as Middleton Place or Boone Hall to learn about the generations of enslaved people, their masters, and the fields that granted freedom, despair, and triumph all in one.

Asheville, North Carolina

Homegrown for the Soul

Ranked Yelp’s #1 Foodie City on its 2022 list, Asheville unearths authentic Appalachian cuisine for all to enjoy. Our farm-to-table restaurant, The Exchange, offers guests an original opportunity to indulge in the savory flavors of classic dishes filled with comfort, inspired by the picturesque landscape around us.

To strengthen relationships

Relationships, in every form, deepen through communication and adventure, making vacations the perfect opportunity to strengthen bonds with experiences that cultivate communication and powerful connections.

Charleston, South Carolina

Bond Over Bliss

Bonding over a spa date is a luxury that adds to the calming significance of a vacation. Relax and enjoy intimate time with your loved one during a facial or massage right in the comfort of your suite at The Restoration.

Asheville, North Carolina

The Sound of Music

Asheville is recognized as one of our country’s greatest music cities. With iconic music venues such as The Orange Peel and Grey Eagle, the music scene also thrives with free concerts at Downtown After 5, and exciting festivals like the LEAF festival, Brewgrass, and Mountain Dance and Folk Festival.

To escape reality

No one has all the answers, but sometimes it’s easier to find them when you escape the problems at hand. Traveling affords you the chance to journey into a new world so you can get lost in exploration outside of your current state.

Charleston, South Carolina

Lowcountry Freedom

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then Charleston must be the apple of God’s eye. The city has four true seasons yearlong, allowing tourists the opportunity to escape their ordinary weather conditions for breathtaking seasonal changes along with seasonal activities.

Asheville, North Carolina

Call of the Wild

The Americana outdoors presents endless opportunities to explore all that Asheville has to offer. Mount Pisgah and Nantahala National Forest serve as a hub for trailing, biking, and wildlife sightings. Escaping into the wild has never been easier than in the New Age Mecca.

What happens when we travel?

Traveling lowers stress levels

Stress is a leading factor as to why people vacation. Taking a break from your taxing worries is necessary to lead a healthy, balanced life. Our claim at The Restoration is to provide a vibrant state of adventure with genuine interactions and meaningful exploration, offering a stress-free voyage.

Charleston, South Carolina

Break the Cycle of Stress

What fun is a vacation if you can’t completely let loose? Charleston has plenty of places to do this, and one of our favorites is a Break Room. Break Rooms offer guests a safe environment to break, throw, and smash objects while dressed in protective gear, the perfect way to destress.

Asheville, North Carolina

A Glimpse Into Relaxation

It’s no surprise that spending time in nature reduces stress levels, so imagine what the stunning views from Blue Ridge Mountain could do for vacationers. The majestic mountain has multiple look-out towers placed throughout the range, offering total peace in the clouds.

Traveling boosts your creativity

Creativity can be found all around us, even when we’re not looking for it. Studies show that the influence of new cultures and experiences can provide new perspectives, giving travelers more inspiration than ever before.

Charleston, South Carolina

Restore Your Creativity

Experience the beauty of Charleston on foot with one of the many tours available to those visiting the charming city. These tours will awaken your creative senses as you learn about the city’s arts and culture while participating in a low-impact exercise; the ideal combination to boost creativity.

Asheville, North Carolina

Flee From the Ordinary

Traveling increases happiness  

We all want happiness, and traveling can boost it exponentially. A women’s healthy study reported that women who took vacations twice or more per year were less likely to report symptoms of depression and tension, compared to those who only vacationed once every 2 or 6 years.

Charleston, South Carolina

Have Fun, Be Happy

The more we move our bodies, the more endorphins we release, adding extra happiness to the day. Charleston is home to some of the most beautiful lakes in the country, providing a multitude of opportunities to enjoy water sports. Water sports are not only great exercise, but they’re also fun.

Asheville, North Carolina

Peak Happiness

Just minutes from our hotel, Asheville Adventure Center offers zip lining through old majestic white and red oaks, swinging through treetops, and mountain bike rentals, providing everything you need for an action-packed day to reduce stress, promote physical activity, and add happiness.

How do we make it extraordinary?

Be a temporary local 

Connecting with locals is essential when exploring new destinations. If you want to directly connect with Charleston or Asheville, talk to a local so you can put yourself in their shoes and truly understand their perspective of what life is like elsewhere.

Charleston, South Carolina

The King of Charleston

Named after King Charles II of England, King Street is a 300-year-old historic hub of dining and entertainment with an eclectic mix of high-end contemporary fashions and antique jewels. Residents head there to indulge in their favorite foods, shop, or just relax and take in our small-town charm.

Asheville, North Carolina

You’re At Bat

One of the best nods to Asheville culture is McCormick Field on Complex Magazine’s list of 25 Coolest Minor League Ballparks in America. Ashevillians love going to games so this is where you can get the real hometown experience, or head into a brewery to hear firsthand accounts of living the Appalachian way.

Step outside of your comfort zone

The famous quote, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”, holds much weight when it comes to venturing to new places. When you’re traveling, stepping outside of that zone will open you up to a world of opportunities. Who knows, you might even find a new favorite hobby, dish, or activity.

Charleston, South Carolina

Brave the Unknown

With so much dark history throughout the Holy City, Charleston is an epicenter of ghoulish, unsettled souls that lurk in the busy halls. We invite you to step outside of your comfort zone and quite literally step into the unknown on one of the city’s many ghost tours.

Asheville, North Carolina

Discover the Beat of Your Drum

A true culture shock for visitors to Asheville might be The Drum Circle. Directly across the street from The Restoration, Pritchard Park is flocked by drummers, dancers, and peace-seekers alike who engage in dancing, singing, and harmonic bliss every Friday night.

Capture the moment

While living in the moment is important during your travels, capturing special moments to relive is just as eminent. Revisiting your footage to make social media posts or taking the time to create a scrapbook will allow you to reminisce in timeless nostalgia.

Charleston, South Carolina

Paint Special Memories

Rainbow Row is one of Charleston’s most vibrant and architecturally stunning backdrops. The row comprised of 13 pastel-colored homes holds a charismatic past dating back to the Civil War era, with each home owning unique history. Be sure to visit to capture your Instagram-worthy content.

Asheville, North Carolina

Sky, Camera, Action

Asheville’s picturesque opportunities range far and wide from naturistic views to inspirational architecture and local art. The Land of the Sky is more than a home to wildlife and its people, it’s the heart of the Appalachians placed against the gorgeous splendor of the mountains and its terrains.

Charleston and Asheville are earthy counterparts that reflect a pioneered heritage of arts, culture, history, and the spirited folk who call the cities home. The Restoration is honored to provide an everlasting experience for our visitors and seek to enrich your travels through new, cherished traditions and authentic connections.