Model, businesswoman, and creative. Meet Venita Aspen. With a big infectious personality, smile, and unique style, it’s no surprise that Venita Aspen has been modeling since she was a young girl. Her fashion sense is as playful as she, masculine at times, and sporty. She looks to Janelle Monae as her biggest style icon – an artist who is known for rocking bold ensembles in a mixture of everything from suits and ties to playful dresses. But Venita Aspen doesn’t limit herself when it comes to her sense of style in Charleston. In fact, she describes her aesthetic as “ever-changing” and says she’s not trying to stick to the same thing and dresses based off her mood for the day.

One style tip she strongly believes is that everyone should learn how to move to the beat of their own drum. Following trends is great and all but it’s kind of pointless because you’re going to have something in your closet that you won’t wear again for 10 years.

Her natural motto is to never ever be afraid of the word “no.” Don’t look at it as a definite answer. Instead, look at it as “it’s just not meant for me right now.” Venita believes everything comes back full circle, you just need to have enough patience to wait for it.

She thoroughly enjoys modeling, but her favorite thing about being a model is knowing she serves as an inspiration for little girls while adult women tend to relate to her. There’s no better feeling than knowing she can be a role model for the younger generation and share common ground with other strong women.

She recently fused her work as a model and stylist to create the Aspen Agency with the goal of making everyone feel included. This latest venture allows brands with tighter budgets as well as brands with larger budgets to feel like they’re getting the same worth and practices despite the fact they’ll be paying a different dollar amount.

Venita has many places she frequents for her unique style and was nice enough to share a few hidden gems for places to shop at here in Charleston: Shoes on King, Beckett Boutique, Red Rose Vintage, and IBU Movement.